Ancient Burial Mounds Discovered in Germany

Magdeburg: Ancient Burial Mounds Discovered in Germany Archaeologists have discovered several ancient burial mounds in a city in Germany.

According to a press release from the US State Office for Heritage Management and Archeology of Saxony-Anhalt (LDA), a significant archaeological site has been discovered in the Eulenberg industrial area near Magdeburg, Ancient Burial Mounds Discovered in Germany Germany, where Intel, the American company, plans to construct its facilities.

Authorities have revealed that the site comprises burial mounds dating back to the Neolithic period, which marks the final stage of technological advancement among early human societies. Since 2023, archaeologists have been surveying the area in anticipation of Intel’s construction projects. During their investigations, they have identified two burial mounds believed to be approximately 6,000 years old.

Constructed over wooden chambers, these mounds are situated roughly 650 feet apart and contain numerous graves. They are associated with the Baalburg culture, which thrived in the Middle East from around 4100 to 3600 BC.

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