covid-19 can be identified by us

At the moment, everyone is trying to take good care of their health because everyone is aware of the dangers of the sickness that has been growing rapidly over the last several years. At the same time, it should be highlighted that for many people, Covid-19 has become a regular and even seasonal condition, as exacerbations occur more frequently in the autumn and spring, when a bigger number of people become ill. Of course, it is critical to comprehend the full severity of this sickness, because regardless of how the disease manifests itself, moderate or severe, certain repercussions will emerge, and complications affecting specific organs and systems are not uncommon

At the same time, it’s critical to remember that coronavirus infection is spread solely by airborne droplets and through contact; as a result, precautions should be taken and respiratory protection employed. Of course, no one can be totally protected from this sickness, so you must be cautious while also remembering the symptoms that the coronavirus causes.

So, let’s look at the primary possibilities for symptoms that appear in the early stages of the disease as well as later in the course of the condition:


·        elevated body temperature


·        cough – (dry or with a little phlegm)


·        Breathing problems


·        muscular aches


·        exhaustion


·        odour violation or loss


·        The loss of one’s sense of taste.


In addition to the basic symptoms of coronavirus, there are several less common symptoms that might occur in some people:


·        migraine,


·        congestion in the chest,


·        Hemoptysis is a condition in which there is a buildup of blood in the body.

·        constipation



·        diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting




That is, it should be noted that the symptoms are still distinct, particularly in regard to loss of taste and smell, making it difficult to confuse with a regular cold. As a result, you should contact an ambulance or a house doctor at the first sign of malaise, who will prescribe certain medications to help the body fight the coronavirus.


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