Developers are split over Web3 and the future of the web



Web3, blockchains, and cryptocurrency are surely going to be a big part, if not all, of the internet’s future, but how do developers, the individuals who make the tools, feel about these technological advancements?

Stack Overflow asked 595 developers on their thoughts on Web3 and blockchains, two topics that potentially be at the heart of the internet’s next phase, and found some very divergent viewpoints.

Web3 received mixed reviews, with 25% believing it represents the internet’s future, 15% believing it is a bunch of hype, 14% believing it is vital for crypto and associated apps, and 9% believing it is a hoax.

Believing the hype?

A further 36% – the largest group of all – inquired, “What is Web3?” This highlights the muddled nature of the branding, which is routinely advocated by venture capitalists like Chris Dixon of a16z.

Blocking the road 

Many engineers agree that, while Web3 in its current form is riddled with scams and deception – just look at the number of multi-million-dollar breaches and “rug pulls” that have occurred – blockchains are an exciting new development.
Decentralizing database control, according to proponents, might have a wide range of applications as the technology sector develops and grows.
Are developers on board, though?
It’s done with bitcoin, according to Wikipedia.
>Another popular NFT marketplace could be vulnerable to a significant security issue.
According to Stack Overflow, 85 percent of the engineers polled had never worked with a blockchain before (and of those who had, 62 percent did so as a hobby).Over half (55 percent) of those who developed a blockchain for work did so as a side project, with 31 percent doing it for employment, most often for a software firm.
The new developers were the ones who were most interested in blockchains. Stack Overflow is used by 20% to 30% of new developers to find resources on developing such things.

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