did billy strings fire his guitar tech

did billy strings fire his guitar tech is seems like a mystery for many fans.

did billy strings fire his guitar tech

Billy Strings found himself grappling with the aftermath of an intense night, unsure of the specific cause of his severe hangover. Whether it was the onstage bottles of beer, the post-show cans of wine, the late-night tumblers of whiskey he indulged in to celebrate a successful night in the summer of 2016, or the continuous bumps of cocaine, Strings couldn’t pinpoint the exact culprit.

The guitar, after all, had given Strings purpose since he was a toddler, vying for validation in a home struck by drugs and tragedy. The instrument never betrayed him. In the five years since he vowed never to betray it, Strings has emerged as a premier bluegrass mind for this post-everything era.

On three albums, including the new “Renewal,” which came out last week, he has zigged and zagged between the form’s antediluvian traditions and rapid-fire improvisations that hit like hard bop, all within songs with hooks so sharp that he seems poised for crossover stardom. He may be the only contemporary musician capable of releasing singles with the bluegrass avatar Del McCoury, the country star Luke Combs and the R&B enigma RMR within a six-month span, as he did this year. He remains grateful for the hangover.

“I was raised on raging, partying, playing bluegrass until 3 a.m., but I am trying to create structure. That is hard because of what’s in my blood,” said Strings, 28. “I hate to even call this a career. It’s my life.”


Anyone else see that stuff going on with the stage manager and guitar tech? Looks like one of Billy’s guitar was damage and drama ensued…


“I got something for ya” is a wrestling thing, this has to a set-up for the Halloween rumble. I fully expect to see ‘guitars’ getting smashed up on stage, lol.

Has to be a gag. No way they would just all resort to posting independent stories.

Cmon guys….the Halloween shows are set up as a WWE-esque gag. If ya’ll actually think this “drama” with his tech and manager are real, Ive got a bridge to sell you.lol

One million dollars. Only catch is it’s in a briefcase suspended above the stage.

Deleting a “controversial” tweet or post is a diehard recent trend in wrestling angles to make something seem more realistic. I don’t know if this is the case, but if he is trying to do a wrestling angle he might do this. Id love his manage to come out with someone else

Bahahahaha Tobes profile pic turned to a crossed out pic of him and Billy this shit has to be a gag 😂

The whole thing is a work. I’m guessing somebody’s gonna get hit over the head with a guitar at the gig. Honky Tonk Man style.

He deleted all the story posts about it i have no idea if it’s real or not anymore.

It’s all a set up for the Van Andel Scramble!!! Clearly ya’ll never watched any WWF or WWE …..they’re setting the scene for a big rumble. I’ve been wondering how they could top last years Halloween trip to the Lord of The Rings……but, THIS back & forth is how this years show is starting…….

A few pro wrestling terms that might be useful here for all of you:

  • Heat- manufactured crowd reaction, usually negative. Used to build hype for a match or character. “Dominick Mysterio has the most heat in the business right now, you can barely hear him over all the boos”
  • Work- any scripted event in a match or promo “Billy being mad at his guitar tech ahead of the show is clearly a work” (antonym- shoot)
  • Mark- someone who believes that the work is real. “If you think that Stone Cold and Vince McMahon really hated each other, you’re a mark”.