Do not brush your teeth in these 3 situations

  London:  A dentist’s suggestions are going viral on the internet in which he has mentioned 3 situations in which brushing should not be done.

Do not brush your teeth in these 3 situations

Dr. Shadi Manochhari, Clinical Director of Smart Dental Esthetics and Director of the London School of Facial Esthetics, ignited an online discussion by highlighting the potential harm of brushing in certain situations.

Do not brush your teeth While brushing is commonly seen as beneficial, Dr. Manochhari cautioned that it can have adverse effects. He pointed out a common factor across three scenarios: the acidity level in the mouth, known as pH.

1) Avoid brushing teeth immediately after vomiting. The stomach contents are acidic, and brushing right after vomiting can spread this acid onto the teeth, potentially causing damage. Teeth consist of minerals that are vulnerable to acid erosion. It’s best to allow the acidity to naturally dissipate through saliva, which may take 30 to 60 minutes.

2) Similarly, after consuming any meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or snacks, the bacteria in the mouth metabolize the food, producing acid.

3) Sweet foods like candy or sugary drinks also undergo this process, contributing to acidification. It’s advisable to let saliva naturally neutralize the acidity over time.