ducky bhai new look video gone viral

ducky bhai new look gone video viral on youtube as famous youtuber ducky bhai’s new video gone viral as he uploaded the video on youtube with shaved face and bald head as people started making meme of him on social media.

ducky bhai new look video gone viral on youtube

ducky bhai new look video is still trending in pakistan as if you go to google site and search ducky bhai new look you can see these images with thumbnail and funny memes from instagram and youtube.people are discussing about ducky bhai with interesting reaction.

ducky bhai funny video gone viral

You can see ducky bhai funny video here

the story started dramatically as he shared his old video in his video with someone forcing to do shave and bald his head as ducky bhai said if his youtube channel cross 6 million youtube subscriber he will do that challenge of shaved face and bald head he done that and the reaction of ducky bhai mother father and wife aroob was insane as whole family was shocked and surprised what they see a new look of ducky bhai as it is the breaking news now in pakistan.

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