Google denies rumors about GmailGoogle denies rumors about Gmail

California: Google denies rumors about Gmail as Technology giant Google has dispelled rumors suggesting the end of its Gmail service.

Google denies rumors about Gmail

A social media post on X (formerly Twitter) featured a screenshot of a fabricated email, falsely claiming Gmail’s imminent shutdown.

Although the screenshot originated from a genuine email from Google, discussing the discontinuation of the Basic HTML view, it was manipulated to propagate the false rumor.

The viral post asserted that Google intended to cease Gmail operations, citing it as an important announcement. This declaration gained traction, fueled by recent closures of various Google services.

A website named ‘Killed by Google’ catalogues 293 products, including apps, services, and hardware discontinued by the company, further adding to the speculation.

However, Google swiftly refuted these rumors on X (formerly Twitter), affirming Gmail’s continuity with a post stating, “Gmail is here to stay.”

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