How to Add a Subscribe Button to Your Website from YouTube

As you may be aware, having a useful widget like this is one of the most effective ways to get visitors to follow you on social media. They assist your audience in locating further materials and, most importantly, they are a useful tool for building a stronger relationship with your audience across all platforms.

This is great news for all online marketers, because you can use this handy little subscription widget on your website regardless of the hosting platform you use (e.g., WordPress, Blogger, or Wix).

One of the most critical aspects for success in 2018 is smooth integration between numerous marketing channels.

It’s fantastic to have a blog post on your website, but if you utilise YouTube as a marketing channel, you should link it to your website so that readers can simply access your video material or portfolios.

Every time someone visits your website, you have the opportunity to gain a new subscriber to your YouTube channel. When you add a subscribe button to your website, you’re establishing a link between your site and video content.

All YouTube channels, no matter how big or tiny, have a subscribe option. Visitors will save a lot of time as they will no longer be obliged to queue to find your content, look around.

Let’s get to the part why you’re here.

How do you embed a YouTube subscribe button to your website?

  1. Go to Google’s HTML embed code generator here.
  2. Enter your YouTube username (not channel name), user ID or channel ID. Use the retrieve channel ID feature on the left panel.
  3. Select your layout and preference for the button.
  4. Google will automatically generate the code for you.
  5. Copy the entire code.
  6. Paste it on your website’s HTML.

Keep in mind that custom website templates might need more steps. Consult your website developer if that’s the case. This is how the page will look like once you’ve entered the correct channel ID or username.

    Terms of Service for the Subscribe Button Widget on YouTube

    As a precaution, we urge that you read and understand YouTube’s terms of service before using this button. The following are the key aspects to consider:
    On the user’s web page, the subscribe button must be visible.
    Users are not permitted to provide incentives or benefits to people in return for subscribing.
    The Advantages of Including a Subscribe Button on Your Website
    If you use both your website and YouTube as content marketing channels, this integration acts as a link between them.
    • It saves visitors one click to subscribe to your channel from a UX standpoint.
    • It’s very simple to accomplish, so go ahead and do it.
    • It’s not as simple as twisting your palm to maintain a YouTube account.

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