How to claim free $SWAT airdrop in Trust Wallet :

If you are looking for earning and claiming free $SWAT airdrop then you are at right place.

now a days airdrop and tokens are trending in crypto world many people try to claim and hold it for future for


good end results.

here i will show you how you can simply claim free 5000 $SWAT airdrop in trust wallet with complete video guide available check video here:

Steps to follow :

1. First you should have telegram app installed in your device.

2.You must join this telegram channel for official updates n tasks to claim airdrop you can join that link here:

3.You can copy the task message provided by dev from above link.

4. paste in ten different social media channel groups telegram,twitter,facebook and take ten screen shots and in main airdrop link from step 2 you can fill the google form and submit your details.

5.You need to provid your telegram id with @yourusername.

6.You need to be verified before going to claim airdrop in case you can contact admin or mod from step 2 link to get verified.

7.then you have to copy your trust wallet bep20 wallet you can get that from binance smart chain wallet and paste in google form.

8. Then you can upload your proof of task done by uploading your ten screenshots and click submit. have to wait for around 7 to 8 hours or may be less time in order to allow admin or airdrop team will distribute $SWAT coin tokens to your trust wallet.

10.Congratulations you have received you daily 5000 $SWAT COIN Airdrop from todays task


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