Inam Butt of Pakistan wins gold in beach wrestling.

Inam Butt of Pakistan wins gold in beach wrestling

KARACHI: Inam Butt, Pakistan’s most famous wrestler, got another feather to his head after winning the gold medal in the third Beach Wrestling World Series 2021 competition in Greece.

Butt won his second gold medal in a row in the Beach Wrestling World Series this year. He’d previously won the second competition in Rome.

Butt, who defeated Romania’s Mihai Nicolae Palaghia in the quarterfinals and Ukraine’s Oleksii Yakavochuk in the semi-finals, won the gold medal in the 90kg weight category by defeating Azerbaijan’s Ibrahim Yusubov in the final.

Despite the fact that the bout was tied at 2-2 at the end of the allotted time, Butt was proclaimed the winner since he had secured the fight’s final point.

Zaman Anwar, Butt’s partner, earned bronze in the 90+kg weight category after defeating Ukraine’s Ivan Malin.

Butt hailed the occasion as a “wonderful day for Pakistani sports,” dedicating the medal to nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and wrestler Zubair Aslam, well known by his nickname Jhara Pehlwan.

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