most powerful graphics card 2023

Here are the most powerful graphics card 2023 and the best graphics cards for gaming, from high-end to budget solutions.

most powerful graphics card 2023 rtx 4090
most powerful graphics card 2023 rtx 4090

The core component of any gaming PC lies in its graphics card, surpassing all other elements in significance. Without a potent GPU to handle pixel-pushing tasks, even the most high-powered CPU would struggle. Recognizing that a single graphics card doesn’t cater to every user, we present a variety of options tailored to diverse budgets and preferences, addressing the need for the fastest graphics card, the best value, or optimal performance within specific price ranges.

Graphics Card1080p FPS1440p FPS4K FPSPrice (MSRP)Power
GeForce RTX 4090179.7133.284.4$1,649 ($1,600)311W
GeForce RTX 4080159.3108.362.7$1,090 ($1,200)245W
Radeon RX 7900 XTX144.496.656.3$889 ($1,000)338W
Radeon RX 7900 XT134.186.247.8$720 ($900)301W
GeForce RTX 4070125.573.739.5$530 ($600)184W
Radeon RX 7800 XT115.369.737.7$500 ($500)245W
GeForce RTX 4060 Ti100.455.527.4$370 ($400)142W
Radeon RX 6700 XT80.444.322.8$310 ($480)210W
GeForce RTX 406082.644.322.0$290 ($300)127W
Radeon RX 760068.634.3_____$240 ($270)153W
Intel Arc A75066.438.7_____$190 ($250)199W
Intel Arc A38025.0__________$100 ($140)71W
most powerful graphics card 2023 list

While our GPU benchmarks hierarchy objectively ranks cards based solely on performance, our compilation of the best graphics cards considers a broader spectrum. We assess current GPU pricing, performance, features, efficiency, and availability, acknowledging the nuanced importance of each criterion. With this comprehensive approach, we present the top-performing graphics cards currently available. Notably, our roster now includes AMD’s RX 7800 XT, a successor that effectively supplants its predecessor, the RX 6800 XT, in both price and performance, along with a few additional features. Presently, all GPUs from the current generation are retailing at or below their respective MSRPs, though generational pricing trends indicate an overall upward trajectory in many instances.

As we transition into the semi-official commencement of the holiday shopping season, with Black Friday imminent or already underway in some cases, prospects for notable deals on GPUs appear promising. Given the relatively elevated prices of graphics cards, anticipating potential discounts over the next month seems prudent. While some compelling deals are currently available, the upcoming weeks may yield even more favorable opportunities.

Both AMD and Nvidia have concluded their latest-generation GPU lineups, barring any unforeseen plans for an RTX 4050 at the lower end. The specifications of such a chip remain uncertain, possibly featuring 8GB of memory on a 128-bit interface or, alternatively, Nvidia might introduce a 6GB card with a 96-bit configuration. Preferably, the former scenario prevails.

In contrast, Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs are more akin to previous-generation hardware, manufactured on TSMC N6 and competing directly against the RTX 3060 and RX 6700 10GB rather than newer counterparts. Despite occasional driver challenges and higher power consumption, the Arc A750, priced at $199, stands out as a competitive option.

Note: The table above displays current online prices alongside official launch MSRPs, sorted by performance. Retail prices can fluctuate; the listed values reflect the best available at the time of writing.

Our current list predominantly features current-generation cards, with only one lingering previous-generation part (RX 6750 XT) unless Intel’s Arc is classified as previous-gen. Although the older components occupy the lower rungs of the performance hierarchy, their exceptional value remains noteworthy, particularly for users prioritizing cost-effectiveness over peak performance or efficiency.

The performance ranking, incorporating 15 games from our updated test suite encompassing both rasterization and ray tracing, is depicted above. The inclusion of DXR (DirectX Raytracing) scores, without a separate column, accommodates the growing prevalence of RT-enabled games. Notably, upscaling results are omitted from the table to maintain fairness, as their inclusion would potentially favor Nvidia GPUs depending on the game selection. Nevertheless, our rankings consider price, power consumption, and features, with a touch of subjectivity infused by our own perspectives. While alternative opinions may exist, every card on this list merits careful consideration based on its unique attributes.