BREAKING NEWS: New way to steal fingerprints discovered

Scientists Unveil Groundbreaking Method to Recreate Fingerprints from Touchscreen Swiping Sounds

Colorado: New way to steal fingerprints discovered In a stunning breakthrough, scientists have unveiled a revolutionary method of recreating fingerprints solely from the sound generated while swiping a touchscreen device.

The discovery, pioneered by a collaborative effort between researchers from the University of Colorado in the United States and several prestigious institutions in China including Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, and Huazhong University, promises to reshape the landscape of biometric security systems across various platforms, from smartphones to high-security doors.

Dubbed as ‘Print Listener’, this cutting-edge technique utilizes sound signals emitted during the act of swiping on a touchscreen to accurately reconstruct fingerprints.

According to the research team, potential hackers could exploit this vulnerability by leveraging a smartphone’s microphone to capture the unique sound of fingerprint swiping, thereby gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information.

The implications of this discovery are profound, as detailed in the research paper. With the widespread use of smartphones, excessive exposure of fingerprints poses a significant risk, leading to potential theft of personal data, substantial financial losses, and even national security threats.

Described as both broad and covert, the ‘Print Listener’ attack method is alarmingly versatile and capable of being launched from various social media platforms with relative ease.

Through extensive testing, researchers demonstrated the effectiveness of this technique, achieving partial fingerprint recreation in 27.9 out of 100 attempts and complete replication in 9.3 out of 100 instances.

The ramifications of this breakthrough are far-reaching, prompting urgent calls for enhanced security measures to mitigate the risks posed by this newfound vulnerability in biometric authentication systems.

Stay tuned for further updates as experts work to address this emerging security challenge.

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Source: University of Colorado & Collaborating Institutions

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