Police chase woman towing caravan

After allegedly driving through a checkpoint at Western Australia’s border with South Australia and ramming a police car, a 47-year-old lady was held in detention and ordered to spend 14 days of quarantine.

Police said they used emergency lights and sirens to pursue her Volvo waggon, which was carrying a caravan, but she failed to stop and accelerated away.

They claimed she was driving erratically, causing the caravan to sway unpredictably from side to side.

On the Eyre Highway, she was once surrounded by police vehicles.

As police approached, she allegedly put her car in reverse and crashed her caravan into an unmarked police car, before allegedly angling her car towards an officer and speeding away, prompting the officer to take evasive action.

She then allegedly drove off on the wrong side of the road and into Nullarbor forest, where the caravan was eventually separated from her vehicle, according to police.

When she came to a halt again, police say the woman hurled obscenities at them before entering the driver’s door armed with a large glass jar filled with gasoline.

Before escaping again, she allegedly shattered the glass and liquid near an officer’s feet and attempted to light it on fire.

Police did not attempt to apprehend her again, instead following her at a safe distance until she pulled into a truck rest stop 40 minutes later.

She allegedly reversed at high speed towards police after halting behind her, but they were able to escape another accident.

Police stayed at a safe distance until she drove back to Madura Roadhouse, where she was apprehended.

The woman is facing numerous charges including two counts of being a driver of a vehicle which failed to comply with a direction to stop, unlawfully throwing a substance on a person, endangering the life of a person, assault with intent to prevent arrest and failing to comply with a direction under the Emergency Management Act.


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