Rank Math Plugin For Seo Settings for WordPress Website Improve Google RankingRank Math Plugin For Seo Settings for WordPress Website Improve Google Ranking
Rank Math Plugin For Seo Settings for WordPress Website Improve Google Ranking

Rank Math Plugin for seo settings for wordpress website play important role in improving google ranking. seo rank math helps in google serp ranking.wordpress website can not be helpful if you have so much content without wordpress seo settings google ranking won’t improve so for good google ranking rank math plugin can really help you boost your seo ranking for google and bring a decent traffic.

why wordpress website seo is so important

for wordpress website like any business we need customers so for good number of custumers or audience we need good seo setting for wordpress website so we can get good positive results that can help or grow our online business with wordpress website.rank math in case can be handy to improve website visibility on the internet.

what is rank math and how it relate to rank math seo?

rank math is a plugin used in wordpress to improve seo i.e search engine optimization.it relate to rank math seo by name is it suggests it help improve better seo practice for wordpress seo settings including title meta description and alt tag.

what is difference between rank math and rank math pro?

the difference between rank math and rank math pro is not so much big. as simple rank math plugin will provide some basic seo settings for wordpress like setting focus keyword as one while in case of rank math pro we can set as much as possible those focus keyword nd some more important features in rank math pro dashbaord will be enabled for more beter seo results for wordpress website seo.

how rank math helps improve google ranking?

rank math plugin can help in many ways in term of wordpress seo for any business we can set schema markup for any page or post while in case rank math pro we can change most of schema markup not much in simple rank math plugin for better google rankings.also rank math help content writer or article writer with bunch of option to set wordpress seo while creating a new post or edit older one post with seo score option 0 to 100. wordpress website with rank math is like a real life for wordpress seo settings.rank math provides to show missing seo terms like word counting mini words for better seo and alt tag for image and rank math table that stand your article more crystal clear ato end users to understand what your content is really about.

can rank math improve wordpress website serp google rankings?

yes, rank math helps and improve serp google ranking feature while writing a post or editing a post.it suggests a user what should be ideal title meta description length for serp google ranking features and rank math will provide best recomended serp google settings for you.

what is basic seo in rank math plugin?

basic seo in rank math is a portion when content writer or article writer can write article or edit it can be able to see a settings on right side at the same time of typing a post in wordpress post writing or editing. where writer can be able to

    • Add a focus keyword to the seo title of wordpress.

    • Add a focus keyword to your seo meta description in wordpress.

    • Use Focus keyword in the URL.

    • Use Focus Keyword in the content.

    • Use focus keyword at beginning of your content.

    • Content is abc words long.it helps or show you how many words you have used in your post with recomendation like 600 words ideal for your blog article or post.

What is additional in rank math plugin for wordpress seo settings

    • it is a next part or portion behind basic seo settings rank math uses.it suggest writer or user to set some more settings for good seo for wordpress website seo for your post like use focus keyword in subheadings H2,H3,H3,H4 etc.

    • Add an image with your focus keyword as alt text.

    • Keyword density ratio with recomended as 1% keyword density.

    • URL size or how many characters are used in your URL.

    • link out to extenal resources like link building or improving backlinks generating.

    • Add dofollow links pointing to external resources.

    • Add internal links in your content.

    • Set focus Keywords for this content.

    • It Uses Content Ai feature to optimise the post.

what is title readability in rank math plugin

    • title readability is a seo settings in rank math plugin that show errors in realtime while writing a post or editing it like use focus keyword near the beginning of SEO title.

    • it tells you about either you use a positive or whether a negative sentiment word in your title.

    • power word either it is added by you in title or not.

    • seo title contain a number or not like best wordpress seo settings in 2023.

Importance of Content Readablity in Rank Math Plugin

it plays important role in rank math plugin as it suggest blog writer or content writer to see whether he or she is using table of content to break down your text or writer is using long paragraph or short paragraph.it recomends using a short paragraphs.it will tell you whether you are using rich media like images or video in your post or not.

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