In Schleswig Holstein  A 17 year old German boy has made trains his home after leaving his parents’ home and has been sleeping on trains for over a year.

“In the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, a 17-year-old boy has embarked on an unconventional journey, turning trains into his home after leaving his parents’ nest. Meet Lacey Stoli, the young nomad who has captured media attention with his innovative lifestyle choice.

With persuasive skills, Lacey managed to sway his parents to allow him to pursue this unique adventure. After initial hesitation, they acquiesced. Since then, Lacey has spent over a year living aboard trains, crisscrossing the country as he immerses himself in this novel way of life. By day, he assumes the role of a software engineer, his workspace being the very train car he calls home, and by night, he finds solace in the confines of the Intercity Express (ICE) train.

Speaking to the media, Lacey described his existence as that of a modern-day gypsy, traversing the length and breadth of Germany. He expressed his desire to explore every corner of his homeland, fueled by a minimalist ethos that compelled him to shed unnecessary possessions, retaining only what fits into his trusty bag. For Lacey, this lifestyle embodies the essence of freedom, where the pursuit of experiences outweighs the burden of material possessions.”

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