Scientists have discovered a new type of magnetScientists have discovered a new type of magnet

latest mudassarworld news update Scientists have discovered a new type of magnet.

Scientists have discovered a new type of magnet

In Prague, scientists have achieved a groundbreaking feat: the discovery of a previously unknown type of magnet, long believed to be nonexistent. Dubbed “ultra magnetism,” this phenomenon promises a revolution in electronic device technology.

Altermagnets, now identified as the third classification of magnetism alongside ferromagnets (commonly found in household refrigerators) and antiferromagnets (pioneered by French physicist Louis Neill in the 1930s), have been substantiated through experimental evidence garnered at the Swiss Light Source (SLS). The collaboration involved scientists from the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Paul Scherer Institute in Switzerland.

The concept of ultramagnetism was initially proposed in 2019 by a joint team from the Institute of Physics of the Czech Republic and the University of Mainz in Germany.

Leading the charge in this breakthrough research is Professor Thomas Jungworth from the Institute of Physics at the Czech Academy of Sciences. He emphasizes that what was once deemed impossible has now become a tangible reality, present not merely in obscure materials but in the diverse array of crystals found in everyday drawers.

Beyond the immediate implications for advancing next-generation computers and electronic devices, the discovery of altermagnetism holds promise for deepening our comprehension of condensed matter physics. This enhanced understanding could pave the way for significant breakthroughs in the realm of spintronics.

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