apple  tv 4k
Apple Tv 4k

When it comes to phones, tablets, and smartwatches, Apple is accustomed to dominating the market. When it comes to media streaming devices, the Apple TV is pitted against popular options from Roku, Google, and Amazon.

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, you’ll like what the company has done with the latest Apple TV version. Voice control with Siri, a touchpad, and an accelerometer and gyroscope for games are all included in a single remote. And once the Apple TV+ streaming service launches this autumn, there will be much more to watch.

The basic HD Apple TV with 32GB of storage costs $149. The Apple TV 4K model costs $179 for the 32GB version and $199 for the 64GB version. Let’s have a look at what you can do with it.

Search by Voice

The Siri remote is included with the new Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K models, allowing you to summon Apple’s digital assistant and navigate the media streamer with your voice. Ask for the title, genre, cast, and more by holding down the Siri button. When you let go of the button, Apple TV will search for available apps. To get recommendations, press and hold the Siri button.

Adjust Remote Sensitivity

The new Apple TV remote replaces the directional buttons with a touchpad, but the surface can be a little too sensitive at times. Adjust the speed of the scrolling in Settings > Remotes and Devices > Touch Surface Tracking if you’re having trouble making the choices you want because you’re continually overshooting the apps. Medium is the default option, however you can adjust it to fast or slow.

Control Playback

Did you miss something onscreen that someone said? To go back 10 seconds, tap the touch surface on the left, or tap on the right if you need to skip a sad animal commercial for 10 seconds at a time.
To swiftly advance through a video, pause it and then swipe the trackpad back and forth in either direction. Apple TV will also rewind for you if you ask Siri to “fast forward 10 minutes” or “What did he just say?”

Use the App Switcher

The app switcher is one of the more useful features that newer Apple TV models have in common with iOS devices. Double-clicking the Home button activates this function, which displays a list of recently used apps. Swipe between apps using the trackpad, and flick one away to close it.

Get Organized

You may move applications around, hide them, or tuck them into folders if your Apple TV home screen is too congested.
You can move an app across the home screen by clicking and holding it until it jiggles. To conceal a selected app from view, hit the Play/Pause button.
In the meantime, the new Apple TV, like iOS devices, enables folders. Hold down the touch surface until it starts to bounce and select the app you wish to place into a folder. Then drag it on top of another app in the same folder that you desire.Hold down the highlighted app while pressing Play/Pause and selecting an option to create a new folder. Tap a folder to rename it, then put in a new title.

AirPlay Security

AirPlay compatibility is incorporated into Apple TV, allowing you to send entertainment from your iPad or iPhone to a connected television screen. You can, however, set restrictions on who has access to your Apple TV. Choose from everyone, anyone connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or those who share control of your Home app in Settings > AirPlay. If someone wants to use AirPlay with your Apple TV, you can make them enter a password.
Set a verification code or a password for the device on older devices by going to Settings > AirPlay > Security.

Set Parental Restrictions

Similarly, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and enable a four-digit code to limit your children’s access to particular content at home.
On Apple TV, you can limit or disable the ability to make purchases and access explicit content. Filtering TV, movies, music, and podcasts can be done using language, ratings, and age. On newer models, you can disable multiplayer gaming, screen recording, location services, and other functions.

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