SRG Kashmir Premier League breaks all viewership records on Digital - 15M match views in 3 days of Launch

Since its inception, the SRG Kashmir Premier League has gained much praise both locally and internationally. It has successfully become Pakistan’s most-viewed live sports event premiere on Digital, with over 5.6 million live views generated within the first day.

Despite one rain shower, the league managed to garner 15 million views in the first five matches, with RawalaKot Hawks (led by Shahid Afridi) and MirPur Royals (led by Shoaib Malik) claiming the title of most-watched opening match for any event on digital media in Pakistan.

“This is definitely an unexpected turn of events – the general air among the media/advertising nexus towards the event was mixed, but it is really wonderful to see that the nation is behind this league, all guns blazing,” ZohaibHisam (CDO Blitz Group, broadcast partners KPL) said. Though MNCs first expressed scepticism about participating in the competition, the tide is turning.We’d like to thank our digital partners Golden Pearl Cosmetics, Bank AlHabib, Fatima Fertilizer Group, Hamdard Pakistan, Tapmad TV, our sponsors and technology/broadcast partners Jazz TV, Jazz Cricket, Goonj, Crickwick (Khaleef Technologies), Socioon, and the KPL Digital team, as well as our sponsors and technology/broadcast partners Jazz TV, Jazz Cricket, Goonj, Crickwick (Khaleef Technologies), Socioon.

The tournament is presently being contested at the legendary Muzaffarabad Cricket Ground (MCG), with live television coverage on Geo Super (local + US/UK) and PTV Sports, as well as digital coverage on, Facebook, KPL Official Channels, Jazz TV, Jazz Cricket, Goonj, Crickwick, and

With the SR Group assuming nomenclature rights, on-ground engagement has been revitalised, with over 12+ companies (major partners include ServisTyres, United Industries (Kashmir group), Super Asia, and PSO) and energising audience attendance, cricket has undoubtedly arrived in Kashmir.

“ServisTyres is happy to sponsor the first-ever season of Kashmir Premier League,” Muhammed Ejaz, Business Head, said. ServisTyres is committed to sponsoring and promoting cricket, a national sport in Pakistan, in the hopes of developing new talent.ServisTyres has always been a strong supporter of Pakistan Cricket at all levels and considers sports to be an important part of the community. We wish all of the players the best of success, and we hope to see competitive cricket in the league.”

“Of all the cricketing events, I am most thrilled for the upcoming Kashmir Premier League,” Mian Shahzad Khalid, Director Marcomms. United Industries, said. This tournament will be remembered for its combination of adrenaline and sportsmanship set against the gorgeous background of Kashmir’s Muzaffarabad. More importantly, this event would portray Kashmir as a delicate, peace-loving region.”Kashmir Banaspati and Oil is thrilled and honoured to be a sponsor for this event.”

“Allah has blessed our nation with a gift in the form of the KPL on the eve of our national independence day. We are one of the few nations in the world that was formed through legislation rather than through violence. Our event in AJK, which drew both local and foreign participants, demonstrates our commitment to regional peace and stability.Let us hope that this will serve as an example for future generations, and we hope that other nations will join us in spreading this message of peace.” – KPL Ch. Shahzad Akhtar, CEO

“This is Pakistan’s message of peace to all nations.” Despite the challenges, we would want to thank our supporters, sponsors, and brands for helping to make the Kashmir Premier League a huge success. We intend to make this league an international symbol in the next years. I’d want to congratulate my team (KPL), the players, the franchise owners, and our partners Blitz on their accomplishments (Broadcast),Transmedia Group (On-Ground), TPT, SRG, and all of our sponsors, as well as, most importantly, our viewers and fans, for helping to make this dream a reality. “Zindabad for Pakistan, Paindabad for Kashmir.” – KPL President Arif Malik.

With Independence Day approaching, the competition is set to take off, with fans glued to their televisions to watch their favourite rivalries in the arena, with the exuberant crowd of Azad Jammu and Kashmir supporting them on. It’s a breath of new air for the region, as well as a shining illustration of how sports diplomacy can be utilised to promote global peace.

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