Stock exchange update boom on the first day of the new year

  KARACHI:  Stock exchange update Business on the first day of the New Year began at a brisk pace in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Stock exchange update

Two psychological thresholds of 63 and 64 thousand were restored

  KARACHI:Stock exchange update  Business on the first day of the New Year began at a brisk pace in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Despite the mixed economic situation, the year 2023 for the Pakistan Stock Exchange has turned out to be very favorable in terms of investment.

In August, tough decisions of caretaker government to restore the IMF program, different types of measures along with law enforcement agencies, strong anti-trafficking campaigns in every sector, in the last 4 months of September to December period of the year, the market was renewed. Reached historic heights.

In the year 2023, the first record of the Hundred Index was established on October 30 with 51482 points, after which the IMF officials completed the review of Pakistan’s economy and the staff level agreement was reached, on November 29, the Hundred Index reached a new high of 60502 points. and later on December 12, the Hundred Index reached a new high of 66,426 points.

New records in the stock market on a daily basis from the support of the consortium of Chinese banks to Saudi Arabia for the stabilization of foreign exchange reserves after the agreement with the IMF, the investment plan of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, China and Pakistan in various sectors of Pakistan. Became.

As a result, the Hundred Index recorded a total increase of 22030.59 points on annual basis till the closing business session of the calendar year 2023 on Friday, December 29.

In this way, during the year 2023, the Hundred Index closed at the level of 62451.040 points with a total increase of 54.50%, while the KSE 30 index increased by 5940.13 points to 20776.54 points, the KMI 30 index increased by 36450.93 points to 104728.78 points and The KMI All Share Index closed at 30664.12 points with an increase of 10677.50 points.

During the year 2023, due to the overall boom, the value of the shares increased significantly by 25 trillion 62 billion 7 crore 49 lakh 91 thousand 224 rupees, due to which the total market capital also increased to 90 trillion 62 billion 90 crore 28 lakh 8 thousand 645 rupees.

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