ghazwa e badarghazwa e badar

The eternal struggle between good and evil persists since the dawn of time and will endure indefinitely. The Battle of Badr on the Day of Furqan. Evil perpetually seeks to ensnare and render meaningless the existence of good within its tyranny. Despite appearances favoring evil’s dominance, ultimately, victory belongs to the forces of good. For goodness is intrinsically linked to truth, and therein lies its ultimate triumph.

The Battle of Badr on the Day of Furqan

The Battle of Badr on the Day of Furqan. The final link in the chain of prophethood, Khatam al-Mursaleen and Khatam Anbiyyah, saw the radiant light of Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ teachings illuminate every corner of Arabia. The long-standing darkness of ignorance was shattered, and the earth, once void, felt the touch of divinity. Centuries-old chains of slavery began to break, restoring a balance of rights and duties. Despite facing the spears of tyranny and oppression, humanity found fleeting moments of happiness amidst the struggle for liberation. This transformation extended beyond material needs, sparking a profound revolution within hearts and minds.

As righteousness challenged the foundations of evil, the latter trembled, fearing its imminent demise. Rebellion against entrenched systems threatened the very core of deceit and self-interest.

Amidst the initial propagation of monotheism, adherents faced brutal persecution, with some enduring torture and martyrdom. Yet, the resolve of Islamic women and men remained steadfast, etching a story of resilience into the annals of history.

The believers, seeking respite from torment, eventually migrated from Mecca to places like Abyssinia and later Medina. However, peace remained elusive as adversaries continued their conspiracies, leading to skirmishes like the Battle of Badr.

On the 17th of Ramadan, the clash between disbelief and Islam unfolded at Badr. Despite being outnumbered and underequipped, the faith of the Muslims prevailed against materialistic forces. Victory was not merely won with weapons, but with unwavering faith and determination rooted in Tawheed and Prophethood.

Before the battle commenced, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ fervently prayed for divine assistance, invoking the promise of God’s support. True to His word, God’s mercy guided the believers to a resounding triumph, dealing a severe blow to the Quraysh.

This victory reverberated throughout the Arab world, amplifying the spread of Islam despite the odds. The lesson from Badr remains pertinent today: sincere passion, genuine religious conviction, and unity can overcome any material deficiency. Even in the face of modern challenges, the ummah can find success by adhering to the principles exemplified at Badr.

“If you help Allah, He will help you and make your feet firm,” echoing the timeless promise of divine support for those who stand firm in faith.

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