Tom Cruise broke up with his Russian girlfriendTom Cruise broke up with his Russian girlfriend

Breaking news Tom Cruise broke up with his Russian girlfriend Elsina Khairova

Tom Cruise broke up with his Russian girlfriend

In London, American superstar Tom Cruise has reportedly ended his relationship with his new Russian girlfriend, Elsina Khairova.

According to American media, the 61-year-old actor had been spending most of his time in London with 36-year-old Elsina Khairova for the past month.

Sources suggest that the breakup occurred during a meeting in London, and both parties decided to end the relationship amicably. Rumors of a relationship between Tom Cruise and Elsina surfaced last year when the two were seen together at various events.

The actor has been married three times before, first to actress Mimi Rogers, second to Nicole Kidman, and third to Katie Holmes.

Elsina Khairova is a former Russian model and the daughter of Renat Khairova, a prominent Russian politician who is an ally of Vladimir Putin.

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