Top 4 Lessons About Video Marketing To Learn Before You Hit 30

1. What isVideo Marketing?
Video Marketing

Video Marketing Definition:

Video Marketing is a special technique used for growing business and use of video and youtube For marketing practice.

2. Why Video Marketing?

There are seven reasons why every person use video marketing to promote or grow your business

These seven reasons are as follows:

· It helps to get to number first in page in search engine and 50 times more Likely faster.

· It can increase email CTR by 2 to 3 times more efficient.

· It is the fastest growing form of communication.

· Youtube is the second largest search engine after the google.

· The senior and qualified executives prefer video.

· Senior Executives will watch for longer.

· It helps to satisfy people upto 95 percent more likely to purchase product.

3. Why videos for business?

· It demonstrates a product by using youtube video marketing.

· It helps to train the employes using youtube video marketing.

· It increase the web traffic and ranks better in first page of search engines like google yahoo bing etc by using youtube video marketing.

· It attract new customers by youtube videos by good standing title and thumbnail

· It increases the conversion rates by video marketing.

· It clarifies the object of your product by using video marketing.

4. Video Marketing Funnel

mudassar world
Video Marketing Funnel

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