UN General Assembly passes resolution in favour of Gaza ceasefire

UN General Assembly passes resolution in favour of Gaza ceasefire in latest news mudassar world

Global Condemnation at UN as 153 Nations Vote Against Ongoing Conflict in Gaza
– UN General Assembly passes resolution in favour of Gaza ceasefire

UN General Assembly passes resolution in favour of Gaza ceasefire in todays news mudassar world In a significant display of global unity, 153 nations voted in favor of a non-binding measure condemning the ongoing conflict in Gaza, while Israel, the US, and eight others dissented. The vote underscores a robust international consensus against the months-long offensive in Gaza, which has resulted in over 18,000 Palestinian deaths, predominantly among women and children.

Saudi Arabia’s UN ambassador, Abdulaziz Alwasil, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support, emphasizing that the vote reflects the international community’s position in favor of enforcing the resolution.

The dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, characterized as “hell on earth” by UN officials, has prompted intensified pressure on Israel to cease its offensive. Over 80% of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents are displaced, facing severe restrictions on essential resources such as food, fuel, water, and electricity.

UN Chief Takes Historic Step After US Veto: Following a failed ceasefire resolution in the UN Security Council (UNSC) due to a US veto, Secretary-General Guterres invoked Article 99, highlighting the grave threat to international peaceā€”an action not taken since 1971. While the US vetoed the proposal, the UK abstained, signaling the potential for binding UNSC resolutions.

Global Concerns Over Credibility: Efforts by the US and Austria to add condemnations of the October 7 Hamas attack were rejected, with Arab nations condemning the move as politicization. Many nations emphasized the importance of respecting international law and humanitarian efforts, raising concerns about the UN’s diminishing credibility.

Egypt’s UN Ambassador, Osama Abdelkhalek, lauded the draft resolution as “balanced and neutral,” emphasizing its call for the protection of civilians on both sides and the release of captives.

Israel Denounces Ceasefire Calls: Israel’s envoy criticized the ceasefire calls, branding the UN a “moral stain” and demanding accountability for Hamas attacks. The envoy questioned why Hamas wasn’t held accountable for actions such as rape and child murder.

Biden Administration’s Evolving Stance: Initially supporting Israel’s campaign, the Biden administration has shifted its tone, with President Biden criticizing Israel’s “indiscriminate bombing” and acknowledging a loss of international support. However, the US’s silence on Israel’s destruction of schools and hospitals, similar to actions condemned in Ukraine, has raised accusations of a double standard on human rights.

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