Artificial lights in cities can cause strokes researchArtificial lights in cities can cause strokes research

Hangzhou:  Artificial lights in cities can cause strokes research. A new study has revealed that the bright lights of big cities increase the risk of stroke in humans.

Artificial lights in cities can cause strokes research

A study led by Chinese researchers reveals that exposure to artificial lights at night can impact blood circulation in the brain, potentially raising the likelihood of stroke.Artificial lights in cities can cause strokes research.

Their findings indicate a 43 percent rise in the risk of cerebrovascular disease among individuals exposed to the highest levels of artificial nighttime lighting. This heightened risk stems from the blocking of arteries, leading to compromised blood flow to the brain and subsequent intracranial bleeding, both of which are primary contributors to stroke.

“In light of our discoveries, we strongly recommend individuals, particularly those residing in urban locales, take measures to shield themselves from excessive exposure to artificial city lights,” emphasized Jian Bingwang, a researcher from Zhejiang University School of Medicine in China, in a press statement. “Prioritize safety by minimizing such exposure whenever possible.”

Furthermore, the researchers noted that approximately one-fifth of the global population resides in environments afflicted by light pollution due to the excessive usage of artificial lighting.

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