Pak Govt hints at suspending internet services on Feb 8 polling day

according to mudassarworld news sources, Pak Govt hints at suspending internet services on Feb 8 polling day “So far, there has been no decision made regarding suspension of internet services at any place,” says Gohar Ejaz.

Pak Govt hints at suspending internet services on Feb 8 polling day
  • No decision made on internet suspension so far: Gohar Ejaz. 
  • Says govt making efforts to hold peaceful elections on Feb 8. 
  • Minister says there is no enmity among parties in Sindh. 

ISLAMABAD: Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the Caretaker Interior Minister, stated on Tuesday that the government would only entertain requests from districts or provinces regarding the suspension of internet services on February 8 if there are security concerns.

“There hasn’t been any decision made regarding the suspension of internet services in any location,” the minister clarified during a press conference in Islamabad, accompanied by Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi.

Earlier, Solangi dismissed the possibility of an internet shutdown on February 8, asserting that local administrations hold the authority to decide on such measures based on the law and order situation, emphasizing that no such circumstances have arisen thus far.

On Sunday, Caretaker Balochistan Information Minister Jan Achakzai announced temporary restrictions on internet services in sensitive polling booths in the province on election day.

Regarding the law and order situation, Ejaz mentioned the government’s efforts to ensure peaceful elections without any loss of life.

“The election atmosphere in Sindh appears lively, and there seems to be no animosity between political parties,” stated Ejaz, noting his observation of candidate interactions during his visit to Balochistan.

He emphasized the government’s commitment to maintaining security with three layers of protection, including the deployment of commandos in Balochistan for swift responses.

“We will ensure the safety of every polling station across the country with the presence of law enforcement officials,” he assured, highlighting the significant number of polling stations designated as sensitive or most sensitive.

Furthermore, Ejaz disclosed that a substantial number of law enforcement personnel have been deployed nationwide, with Pakistan Army troops serving as a quick reaction force.

Encouraging participation, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ejaz underscored the government’s responsibility to safeguard citizens’ lives.