Persian leopard spotted near Nani Mandir in Balochistan

persian leopard in balochistan

persian leopard in balochistan as Persian Leopard Sighted Near Nani Mandir in Balochistan

A Persian leopard, identified as panthera pardus tulliana, has been sighted at Nani Mandir, a significant Hindu pilgrimage site in Balochistan, after many decades.

The leopard was spotted by a visitor to the temple within Hingol National Park along the Balochistan coast.

Sharifuddin Baloch, Chief Conservator Wildlife of Balochistan, confirmed that the leopard was recorded on the cliff opposite Nani Mandir.

Known locally as “phulang,” the Persian leopard is native to Hingol National Park and is characterized by its elusive nature, making sightings rare in the area.

Muhammad Moazzam Khan, technical adviser at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), stated that Persian leopards were once widespread in Balochistan, particularly along the coast.

However, due to hunting and habitat loss, including a decline in prey species such as wild goats, urial goats, and chinkara gazelles, the population of this apex predator has dwindled, rendering them endangered.