A vehicle parked like a motorcycle

Latest news A vehicle parked like a motorcycle. Parking in small spaces is no longer a problem, this July will see the introduction of a new foldable ride that can be driven like a car and parked like a bike.

A vehicle parked like a motorcycle

At 4.5 feet wide, the CT2 electric vehicle has the ability to shrink to 3.2 feet, allowing it to park in tight spaces and maneuver on narrow roads.

The CT2 shrinks its wheelbase but does not shrink the driver and passenger cabin in the process.

his ride is not suitable for people for whom speed is important. Compared to other electric vehicles, this vehicle is slower and can run at a speed of 88 km/h in its full size and 38 km/h in its smaller size.

This next-generation CT2 car of the company called City Transformer will be introduced globally in July this year with a price of 17 thousand 400 dollars and can be booked from anywhere in the world with a down payment of 162 dollars. It will be possible.