‘Barbie’ creator Greta Gerwig announces marriage

‘Barbie’ creator Greta Gerwig announces marriage Greta Gerwig has been dating Oscar-nominated director Noah Baumbach since 2011

Barbie’ creator Greta Gerwig marriage ‘Barbie’ creator Greta Gerwig announces marriage

In a year marked by both professional and personal successes, Barbie director Greta Gerwig, 40, shared joyous news backstage at Billy Joel’s Madison Square Garden concert. She revealed that she and Noah Baumbach recently tied the knot at City Hall.

A source disclosed, “They were both glowing and celebrating. They are so happy.” Describing the occasion, the insider added that Greta looked “gorgeous” in an elegant white suit skirt and jacket, resembling a radiant bride, while Noah looked handsome in his suit.

The Lady Bird creator and the Oscar-nominated screenwriter Noah Baumbach began dating in 2011 and officially got engaged in 2020. Greta, in a previous interview with James Corden, expressed her aversion to the term “fiancé,” stating, “It makes it sound like there’s an imminent wedding.”

The couple, who welcomed their first son named Harold, expanded their family four years later with the arrival of another baby boy.

Noah Baumbach was previously married to Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2005, with whom he shares a son named Rohmer. However, they filed for divorce in 2010, and the proceedings were finalized in 2013. Notably, this marks Greta Gerwig’s first marriage.

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