Indian woman married to Pakistani lover returns home, awaits visa

Nasrullah says they had applied for Anju’s visa extension but it was not granted

Indian woman married to Pakistani lover returns home, awaits visa
Anju — now Fatima — and her husband Nasrullah pose for a photo. — Facebook/Anjo with Nasrullah/File 

Indian woman married to Pakistani lover returns home, awaits visa for reunited

HEADLINE: Anju, Formerly Known as Fatima, Leaves Pakistan to Reunite with Children in India

According to The News, Anju went to India via the Wagah border two days ago as her husband expressed hope that she would return to Pakistan after two or three months. 

An Indian woman, Anju, who gained national and international attention for her marriage to Nasrullah in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), has departed Pakistan to be with her two children. According to The News, Anju crossed the Wagah border two days ago, with her husband expressing optimism about her return to Pakistan within two or three months.

The 34-year-old Anju had met and married Nasrullah five months after their initial connection on Facebook, and they arrived in Upper Dir on July 22 of this year. Nasrullah revealed to The News that Anju had left for India after spending a few days in Islamabad and Lahore, during which they visited historical sites such as the Badshahi Mosque, Badshahi Qilla, and Pakistan Park.

Expressing her longing for her children since arriving in Pakistan, Nasrullah mentioned bidding farewell to Anju at the Wagah border, where she entered India on Wednesday at two o’clock. Despite their efforts to extend Anju’s one-month visa, hindered by complications and a formal process that usually takes four months to a year, Nasrullah explained that they decided to proceed with a 15-day departure letter, canceling the visa extension application.

Earlier reports in August had indicated that Anju was granted a one-year visa extension by Pakistani authorities, but Nasrullah clarified that the extension was not implemented. He stated that they received a farewell party from friends in Lahore before returning to India.

In response to inquiries, Nasrullah expressed confidence that Anju would return to Pakistan after three months. He lamented the visa extension challenges, expressing a desire to bring Anju back himself if he obtains an Indian visa. Anju, facing a divorce case from her first husband in India, wishes to reunite with her children. Nasrullah expressed gratitude for the support from the people of Dir and hinted at a potential permanent move to Dubai for a peaceful life, bringing Anju closer to her children.

Anju and Nasrullah had previously undergone a court marriage in Upper Dir after her conversion to Islam, receiving widespread love and respect from locals and organizations across the country. Indian woman married to Pakistani lover returns home, awaits visa. Various companies and business organizations had shown generosity by announcing plots and offering gifts to the couple in different parts of the country.

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