The woman kidnapped the TV anchor for refusing the marriage

An unexpected news coming from hyderabad as the woman kidnapped the TV anchor for refusing the marriage. A startling incident has emerged from Hyderabad, India, where a businesswoman stands accused of kidnapping a local television anchor after he declined her proposal for marriage. Reports suggest that the woman, known for her business ventures in the city’s Deccan area, allegedly took drastic action after her advances were rebuffed by the tv anchor. in short fake matrimonial profileĀ led to Hyderabad businesswoman kidnappingĀ anchor.

The woman kidnapped the TV anchor for refusing the marriage

According to police statements, the ordeal began when the woman initiated contact with the TV anchor, purportedly after encountering his profile. Over a span of a few days, their interactions reportedly escalated, with the woman expressing her desire to marry the anchor.

However, things took a dark turn when the anchor, feeling pressured, decided to block the woman’s number. Undeterred, the woman allegedly resorted to stalking the anchor, eventually resorting to extreme measures.

Utilizing a tracking system to trace the anchor’s location, the woman allegedly hired individuals to abduct him. Subsequently, she reportedly lured the anchor to her office under false pretenses, where he was allegedly held against his will.

The police have disclosed that the woman claimed to have been a victim of identity theft, stating that a fake profile had been created in her name on a dating website. Legal action against this impersonation has been mentioned as underway.

This incident has sparked concerns over the safety and security of individuals, particularly in the context of online interactions and stalking behaviors. Authorities are currently investigating the matter, aiming to bring justice to the victim and ensure the safety of the community.